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About Dianna

Dianna Winget

So what do I do besides write? Plenty. I have a husband, Ted, and a daughter, Adriana. I also have two grown step-children, Tim and Stacey. I take care of the house, a small garden, two dogs (Yep, that's Sassie the Dachshund and Lacey the Chihuahua, below) and I also volunteer some of my time each week helping to answer questions about the Bible. Adriana helped me come up with some of the following comparisons that will reveal even more vital information about me.

Hot or Cold: Definitely hot. I love hot water and hot weather. Snowy days are beautiful, but I only enjoy being out in them if I can come in afterwards for a cup of HOT cocoa followed by a soak in my HOT tub.

Dogs or Cats: Dogs rule and cats drool. No, just kidding. I love all animals, but dogs are my favorite.

Dianna Winget

Mild or Spicy: Mild. Call me a wimp, but spicy stuff makes my tongue burn and my eyes tear up.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla . . . with butterscotch a close second.

Mountain or Desert: I grew up in the dry, desert heat of central Washington State and now live in the mountains of North Idaho. Both are beautiful in their own way.

Cars or Trucks: There are some really cool cars, but pickup trucks are awesome. Bright red Jeeps are another favorite.

Fiction or Nonfiction: I've read and written lots of non-fiction, but fiction is my favorite. Unless, of course, I'm trying to learn about something specific, then non fiction is better.

Cupcakes or Cookies: I love cake, but cookies are much less messy.

Black or White: Black. It makes you look thin and it's the coolest color for cars. (Unless we're talking Jeeps, in which case bright red is the best.)

Early Bird or Night Owl: Definitely early bird. I'm usually awake before 6:00 am and nodding off in my chair by 9:30pm.