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Just Left of Lucky

Just Left of Lucky

Twelve year old Shannon can't believe she's living in a car with her Aunt Junie and little dog, Boone. After all, the move from Idaho to Washington was supposed to make things better, not leave them homeless. Mortified, Shannon is desperate to keep their situation a secret—not just from the kids at school, but also from the persistent, somewhat mysterious resource officer who keeps asking questions. When Aunt Junie becomes too paralyzed with discouragement to look for a job, capable and creative Shannon takes the reins and comes up with her own plan to fix things. But before she has a chance to put it in motion, their homelessness is revealed and the worst happens—Shannon is separated not only from Aunt Junie, but from her beloved Boone, and placed in a foster home. What will happen to Shannon's plan now? How will she rescue Boone? And will her family ever be together again?

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