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A Sliver of Sun

A Sliver of Sun

Ever since Mama and Ben got married, 10-year-old Piper Lee's new family is like a crisp hardback book, stiff and hard to crack open. Piper Lee never gets to be alone with Mama anymore, her annoying stepsister Ginger is always right there wherever she goes, and she knows she's ruined any chance that Ben will scoop her up and make her laugh like he does with Ginger, even though she secretly wishes he would.

So when Mama announces she's pregnant with Ben's baby, Piper Lee is outraged. Not only will she have to share Mama with yet another person, but she's also going to be the only kid in the family not related to Ben. Before the baby arrives, Piper Lee will need to show Ben she's worth liking, maybe even worth loving, otherwise she'll be an outsider in Mama and Ben's new family... maybe forever.

By the award-winning author of A Smidgen of Sky (an IndieBound Fall 2012 ABC New Voices Pick), A Sliver of Sun is the hilarious, warm-hearted, and piercingly honest story of a brand-new family and the misunderstandings, betrayals, and triumphs that will either knit them together or rip them apart.

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"Piper Lee is an instantly likeable, flawed character with a good heart. Hand this one to kids who want realistic fiction... with a dash of excitement."
   —School Library Journal

"A Sliver of Sun is heartwarming and fun, and at times harrowing for Piper Lee. She's a spunky kid you can't help but root for."
   —John Bladek

"I adored this follow-up to Dianna Dorisi Winget's lovely story A Smidgen of Sky. It was so fun to dive back into Piper Lee's newly turned upside down world and join her in navigating her new family and all the trials and tribulations that brings."
   —Brandi Daughterty

"This is a great book for kids of all ages. If you've ever felt like no one understands you, you'll like Piper Lee."
   —J. Roberts

"Although this book is a sequel, I did not read the first book in the series and felt that this book works well as a stand alone. I would highly recommend this sweet little children's story for all middle grade readers."
   —Laurie R.