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True As Steel

True As Steel

The Poppy Parker Series Book 2 Now Available

Twelve year old Poppy Parker is still adjusting to her new life with Detective Trey Brannigan and his mother when she meets a strange, secretive red-haired girl named Presley. Presley is friendly and all, but why does she struggle to remember how to spell her own last name? And why is she afraid of Trey when he's done nothing to her—after all, who's afraid of a person they've never even met?

Confused and a little worried, Poppy soon discovers that Presley is hiding a secret. A big one. A bad one. She should tell Trey—but Presley is begging her not to tell anyone.

Poppy is now facing an impossible dilemma. If she reveals the truth, a life could be lost—the life of an innocent person. But if she keeps Presley's secret, she will betray the trust of her new family and possibly lose her home. Again. Just six months after losing her old one.

Can she find a way to make the right choice? Is there a right choice in a situation like this?