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What's New

Justice for Joe

It's been a while since I released a new middle grade, so I'm excited to share my latest book, Justice for Joe! I've always loved adventure stories about time travel, but I also love stories about animals—especially heroic ones. So I've combined both of these elements into Justice for Joe.

The story centers around twelve-year-old Birch, a young girl who's fascinated by the fact that her great-grandmother has the ability to time travel by means of a special gene called the clock gene. But when Birch learns that she too has inherited this gene she's not excited, she's terrified. Nothing she tries to do ever succeeds, so when Gran begs her to go back to 1894 Ontario, Canada on behalf of animal welfare Birch refuses out of fear. But when her refusal causes Gran to fall seriously ill, Birch knows she must somehow find the courage to fulfill her beloved grandmother's final wish.

Justice for Joe is based on Canada's famous Beautiful Joe, a dog who suffered abuse as a puppy, and on Margaret Marshall Saunders, the woman who penned Beautiful Joe's story and then went on to become one of Canada's most revered authors.

Love dogs? Then I bet you'll love Birch and Joe's story. Can't wait to hear what you think.

Happy Reading!