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Patsy Ann statue

Hi everybody. I was really hoping that by early 2021 this crazy thing called COVID-19 would be a thing of the past—guess not. But at least now there seems to be several effective vaccines, so we have to stay hopeful. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or maybe I should say, back at the writing desk... I’m excited to share the brand new illustrated cover of A Million Ways Home. I just love it because it does such a great job of depicting Poppy, Trey and Gunner as I see them in my mind’s eye. I hope you like it, as well.

And for even more exciting news... if you’re one of the many readers who fell in love with Poppy and begged me to continue her story, you’re finally in luck! Yep, that’s right! Get ready for the sequel—True As Steel. Here’s a brief summary to whet your appetite:

True As Steel: Still adjusting to her new life after the death of her beloved Grandma Beth, 12 year old Poppy is not quite sure what to make of the mysterious red-haired girl who suddenly plunges into her life in a most unusual way. Presley’s nice enough, but a little weird, too—after all, what kid isn’t sure how to spell her own last name? And why is she so afraid of Trey, when she hasn’t even met him? It soon becomes clear Presley’s hiding a huge secret—a secret she implores Poppy to keep. But this places Poppy in an impossible situation. If she reveals the truth, a life could be lost. But if she keeps quiet, she may end up doing irreparable harm to her relationship with her new family—the very people who have done so much for her.

A Million Ways Home

Sound intriguing? Right now it’s looking like True As Steel will be available by early summer, so if you haven’t already, hop on over and sign up for my (very infrequent) newsletter. I promise to let you know as soon as it can be ordered, and I’ll post the new cover here on my website as soon as it’s available. I plan on giving away five copies for early reviews, so if you’re interested in reviewing contact me directly through my email and let me know you’d like to be considered.

In the meantime, stay healthy and keep reading! Here’s a few of the great books I’ve enjoyed lately:

Dear John, Nicholas Sparks
Emily Out of Focus, Miriam Spitzer Franklin
The Incredible Journey, Sheila Burnford
Good Man Dalton, Karen McQuestion
Addicted to Danger, Jim Wickwire

Happy Reading!