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The Hidden Power of Dandelions

The Hidden Power of Dandelions

You'd never dream of causing permanent harm to someone you love ... but what if it's an accident?

Twelve year old Rylee has always based her self-worth on the fact that her dad's a highly respected fireman. So what happens when her best friend takes part in a reckless prank that leaves her dad paralyzed, effectively destroying his firefighting career?

It's easy to place the blame squarely on her best friend's shoulders. But nearly impossible to admit her own role in the accident. Can Rylee ever find a way to make it up to her dad—to restore not only his, but her own happiness and self-worth? Or is it one of those mistakes simply too big to fix?

From the award winning author of A Million Ways Home and Just Left of Lucky comes this powerful and inspiring tale of family, forgiveness and accepting a new normal. For fans of Katherine Applegate, Lynda Mullaly Hunt and Sharon Draper.